Our mission is to provide consumers a tasty and safe

alternative to gluten based bakery products. 

Great taste

Since the the humble beginnings in 2001 the passion for great tasting products has been the driver.  Back in the days it was almost impossible to find even descent tasting gluten-free products. If you were a celiac you had to eat what you could get or do everything yourself.

Inspired by old family recipes founder  Pat Libling created a range of traditional all-butter cookies using alternative flours and without adding those starchy fillers that the commercial gluten-free bakeries tended to use – the cookies were so good that everybody just loved them – PatsyPie was born.

Food safety

The obsession with quality and food safety has always been deeply anchored in our DNA and has lead PatsyPie to become one of the leading bakeries of its kind.  Today we pride ourselves with world class certifications providing consumers and trading partners with absolute confidence that PatsyPie stands for safe and clean products.


In 2016, PatsyPie introduced PatsyPie Green, a new line of organic certified cookies and biscotti. A natural extension of our range where a clean label has always been a priority.